The ‘Cool Kids’ Program


A program put together by the Macquarie University Anxiety Research Unit. Each year, lots and lots of kids learn skills to help them manage their worries. We find that once kids learn what anxiety is, and what can be done (accompanied with practicing their new skills) they start to worry less, and are able to do the things that use to be quite difficult.

"Chilled" For Teens


An Adolescent Anxiety Program designed to tackle difficulties teens have with nervousness, tension and fears.  “Chilled” aims to build skills, reduce distress and prevent avoidance of situations and ultimately to face fears. The program aims to encourage families to be independent of professionals, and adolescents to be independent of parents in terms of knowing how to support themselves and cope with anxiety. We find ways to set goals, and maximize strengths and skills.   This program is also available for teens that struggle with depression, in a similar format.


Anxiety exists in the background of the everyday lives of men and women alike. A worrisome predisposition has been considered normative of modern western living and the incidence of anxiety related illness has tripled in the last 10 years (ABS, 2012; Masters, 2012). Masters Psychology provides individual treatment for a range of anxiety disorders, where diagnosis, treatment planning and implementation is tailored to meet each individuals' needs.

What to expect from treatment?

The structure is usually 8-10 sessions with child/adolescent alone, parents alone and when required, all together. The participants receive a workbook to assist in treatment and to provide them a copy of resources for future reference.  Adult sessions are structured to meet individual needs.