A letter from Rochelle Masters

Heard about us?

Masters & Co. invites you to learn about us and our pursuit to reduce the suffering associated with mental illness.

Creating better access, better outcomes and tangible, meaningful change is achieved with us all collaborating.

In the heart of our community is a growing desire for healthy lives, family and community across the lifespan. Yet, so many remain unaware of how hope interacts with observable science.

We bear witness to people from all walks of life who live out the ordinary, yet find themselves with extraordinary health challenges, struggling with mental health concern or aspects of life that need focus.

Our clients seek to lift out of the status quo and resource themselves, or those around them with health, wholeness and clarity.

Our fabulous team put language, insight and expertise around aspects of mental health and overall wellbeing knowing that the mind and spirit is the birthplace of renewal.

It is our intention that Masters & Co. clinics be one hub, of many rooms with a unified vision outworked by an exceptional team of registered experts.

Collectively, we are a company of clinicians and support crew who attend with corrective experience; big enough to effect change - yet small enough to reach the ONE focus for every man, woman, and child that walks through our doors.

We seek to be the chosen place for renewal that constantly places value on exceptional care models, and those we serve.

Our intention is that as we lead in the communication of a timeless message of hope, we empower others to live out their full potential using evidence based science.

Additionally, we mentor and equip likeminded graduates and professionals with leadership that is unified in the commitment to the authenticity, credibility and quality of psychological service.

We are innovatively linked to a large network of associated professionals who assist in co-ordinated care who also seek to equip and bring meaningful health solution. Together we are better.

Our organisation believes in the potential of all people and to this end we labour to see healthy men, women and youth emerge across the urban landscape.

Your trust in us is our greatest compliment alongside tens of thousands that have sought assistance in these rooms.

Yours Sincerely
Rochelle Masters