Teens & Technology

We've had heaps of you contact us asking for guidelines on managing cell phone use for your tweens and teens in and out of the family home. As we step back into school routines, research indicates that structure and discipline restores balance and makes these transitions smoother for all! Check out these guidelines and cut and paste an agreement that can help you all.

1/ I will not send mean or threatening texts to others (including repetitious texts).
2/ I will not text or make phone calls after 8pm (unless to us) and will dock the phone at charge centre with rest of family.
3/ I will keep my phone charged at all times and will answer messages promptly from my parents (no switching o phone).
4/ I will not bring my phone to dinner table, or into toilet, or bedroom.
5/ I will not go over the data plan/monthly minutes or text message limits. If I do, I understand I may be responsible for extra charges or I may lose my phone privileges.
6/ I acknowledge that I am responsible for knowing the whereabouts of my phone and will keep in it good condition.
7/ I understand that my phone may be taken away if I am rude, don't keep up with chores or if my school grades suer.
8/ I will be not be antisocial with my phone. That is, I will have ‘phone down, eyes up’ at church, family times, in quiet settings (eg., the car) or in restaurants.
9/ I may be asked to moderate my use in conjunction with other screen use (e.g., tv, gaming, movies). (This may need to take the form of adhering to a routine e.g., no gaming during week, max 2 hrs/day phone use, gaming w/e only)
10/ I am only able to modify this phone use agreement in conjunction with parents/caregiver and I am able to make requests of their phone use in return.
11/ I will disclose my phone password and allow the occasional phone checks/audit of content upon request.

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ENJOY! Cut and paste as you need, get it signed and place on fridge... and restore the balance.
A great App for phone content management and scheduling is Curbi. Search on the app store and look at the options on cell phone management tools. DOWNLOAD FORM