Book & Card Combo Sale!

Book & Card Combo Sale!

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Pocket Psych Inspo Cards & Rochelle Masters' first book, A Gracious Intervening - What I've Learned From You. Free Postage Australia Wide.

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Pocket Psych Inspo Cards

50 Inspirational Cards with amazing photos and broadly experienced inspirational verses that are simple, yet profound. The cards are business card size and fit into a custom stamped tin. Enjoy the Pocket Psych! Available now with free postage or come into Madeley Clinic to purchase.


Rochelle Masters' first book,

A Gracious Intervening - What I've Learned From You.

One of life’s greatest privileges is to walk alongside another. As a Clinical Psychologist, I have met with people from all walks of life to bring meaningful health solution to a range of mental health needs. Mental illness is a tyrannical oppressor that wears many faces.

While charged with medicine, science and the best of the evidence base, these tools are rendered somewhat useless without the meaningful engagement of those they are purposed to serve.

I have borne witness to many an ordinary life, with often extra-ordinary challenges. People struggling with aspects of life and health needing focus.

I have accompanied a vagabond heart to a place of rest and new beginnings, where I too found peace.

I have watched the tenacious pursuit of wholeness and emergence of clarity as one lifts out of the status quo and is transformed by the power of listening, attending and empathy.

I have seen science interact with Hope first hand.

I have seen the captivating power of communication, both in language spoken and unspoken, to bring about insight and renewal.

I have observed the motion of corrective experience as it matured and I too have been the beneficiary of the timeless message of Hope.

I am no longer the same. I have acquired a gift far exceeding the minutes, moments or madness.

As I scratched the surface of the human heart and mind, I discovered everyone is looking for truth. The truth about themselves, others, life or the condition of their own spirit.

There are many ideologies, yet each finds everything beautiful and appropriate in its time; eternity in their own heart. My younger heart wouldn’t and couldn’t have imagined such an articulate execution of the becoming of you. Your pain pushed you over containment lines and into a space held for you. When your humanity was under duress, and your heart under unreasonable oppression, you found an environment like no other. You lifted your head to an extended hand, and in doing so, we both found a gracious intervening.

The cry of your ailing and afflicted heart, authored by the pen of your own articulation, stretched and strengthened me. After inclining my ear to your credible experiences, new insight was procured. You have been a source of supply, commissioning richness and warmth.

You are no longer an unknown guest, a foreigner, or poor in spirit - you are established, known and heard.

So, scripted here in dedication to the thousands of you, is my own emergence, equipping and insight, gained in service of you. Much like seed to the sower, you bore fruit, and I gained seed.

Inscribed on the platform of my own mind, is my own actualisation, compassed by sitting across the room.

Here is what I've learned from you, sitting across the room.

In Gratitude

Rochelle Masters