Dear Single Self

Dear Single Self


“Dear Single Self” by Amanda Viviers is available $19.95 AU including postage and handling to anywhere in the world.

Amanda Viviers found herself thirty and single, surrounded by wedding invites and baby showers. Overwhelmed by cliche and formula, she went on a journey of discovery looking for real answers.

In the midst of this exploration, she realised so much about herself and the opportunity of single hood. She asked a group of friends what they would tell their former single self and this experiment proved life changing.

This group of women, from Perth Western Australia, to Canada, America, England and beyond, set about writing letters to their former single selves. The letters were full of inspiration, courage, and hope.

Amanda decided to curate these letters to form this book, as well as thirty short stories from her own single journey. She filled the pages with short dares as well, to help the reader to get out of their everyday routine and to hopefully find a new perspective on singleness.

Are you tired of the same old, same old advice regarding relationships?

Are you looking for a unique inspiration in this area of your life?

This book could possibly be the starting point of a new adventure, looking for perspective, light, and love.

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